Cebu Philippines Travel Guide

Making your travel to the Philippines easy

This book is designed to help all travelers to Cebu and the Philippines and has extra sections for people meeting a Fiancée in the Philippines.

With the Cebu Philippines Travel Guide you can make the most out of your trip. If you are going to the Philippines just to get away, to meet some one, or for Romance the Cebu Philippines Travel Guide will help you. This book is loaded with information about the Philippines and also contains countless links for your vacation to the Philippines.

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Cebu Philippines Travel Guide can make your travel easy

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If your time is worth anything this book will pay for itself. We have spent countless hours finding information and links to get her NSO birth certificate through the mail and the papers you will need to get while you are in the Philippines. We can guide you to the best ways to avoid problems in the Philippines. We are neither an international introduction service nor mail order bride service, dating service, mach site.  We just have good information about what to do before you go and after you get  to the Philippines.


The information will pay for itself

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